FAQ - FAQs for Current Users

  • How do I access my storage?

    Enter the facility using the entry card and the PIN you selected when submitting your application, then use your key to access your room.
  • Can I enter or leave the facility anytime?

    Your storage room is basically available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days, with the exception of the Nerima Yahara and Yokohama Hazawa locations.
    They are open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Are there any items which cannot be stored?

    The following items cannot be stored in our rooms.

    (1) Cash, securities, bank books, and precious metals
    (2) Perishable goods
    (3) Items with unusual or strong odor, or with these risks, and waste
    (4) Items the ownership of which is prohibited by law, and items contrary to public order and morals
    (5) Kerosene, gasoline, gas cylinders, a large amount of matches,  explosives, chemicals, poisons, and other hazardous substances
    (6) Animals, plants, remains, ashes, and other similar items
    (7) Motorbikes and  motorized bicycles (except in motorcycle garages)
    (8) Items which legitimate rights are not owned or occupied by the  contract holder
    (9) Heavy items or large objects which we prescribed as the items which may damage our storage spaces or negatively affect the structure of our facilities 
    (10) Other than the above, items which we recognize as unacceptable. 
    Please refer to the Terms of Use for details.
  • What kind of security measures are there in your facilities?

    Your valuable items are protected by our access control system and security cameras, which are linked to our security system.
  • Do you offer delivery service?

    We can refer you to a moving company. Please contact us via our website or phone.
  • Can you discard the items which I no longer need?

    Please take all the discarded items back home with you, or arrange a waste disposal operator yourself.
  • What are the details of the countermeasures against earthquake damages?

    It is the responsibility of each user to manage the storage room. Please consider the measures as follows.

    - Make sure to pack your fragile items properly and safely.
    - If any racks or cabinets have been installed in your storage room, tightly secure them to prevent your items from falling off.
    - Unstable items should also be secured.
    *Please refrain from using any tension rods to secure items since they may cause damage to the room.

    If any prohibited items such as gasoline are stored, it may cause severe damage to items in other users’ storage room.
    Once again please make sure there is no prohibited item in your storage room.

    * For details of prohibited items, Please refer to the Terms of Use.
  • How to use the transport service during champagne

    Please send us through contact form.

  • How to use the transport service

    Please send us through contact form.