TERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-IshikawaRooms

【we will give you a special coupon for your transport fee.(up to 40,000 yen (incl. tax)and valid one time only)】

6-1 Ayumigaoka, Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa

TERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-IshikawaイメージTERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-IshikawaイメージTERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-IshikawaイメージTERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-Ishikawaイメージ
TERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-Ishikawaイメージ1
TERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-Ishikawaイメージ2
TERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-Ishikawaイメージ3
TERRADA TRUNKROOM Tsuzuki Shin-Ishikawaイメージ4

Take the Ta 91 bus to Center Kita Station,the Ta 92 bus to Center Minami Station or the Ta 94 bus to Sumiregaoka Station of Tokyu Bus at Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line "Tama-Plaza Station" South Exit, and get off at the "Eda-Shindo" bus stop. It will be 10 minute walk from the "Eda-Shindo" bus stop.

Approx. 15 minutes from the Yokohama Aoba Interchange of the Tomei Expressway or the Tsuzuki Interchange of the Daisan

Open: Open 24 hours a day

Holiday: None: Open 7 days a week

Parking: Available (for 4cars)

Elevator: inside dimension 158×157×210、frontage 90×210


Vacancy statusRoom numberPrice(in tax)Room sizeSize(HWD:cm)Door size(WD:cm)  


AY2035JPY 16,5003.63㎡(2.2jo)186 × 175 × 22985×200


AY1015JPY 40,7005.61㎡(3.4jo)210 × 270 × 230115×200


AY3054JPY 55,0007.26㎡(4.4jo)210 × 352 × 23085×200