Free delivery up to 40,000yen(or 20,000yen) on your first order.


You will receive free transport coupon of up to 40,000 yen(or 20,000yen), as a campaign of starting a tie-up with transport service “Rentrabin”.

If you are thinking of moving your valuables to a larger storage, or if you need help in moving them, or if you do not have a car, it will be a good opportunity for you. (Reservation is required.) 


Details of ”Rentrabin “


This service will provide you a vehicle which will suit the quantity of your valuables, as well as a driver for the time needed to load and off load your valuables. Also, any unwanted articles will be collected if you need.
Details of service
Reservation form
Price list  ※5% off from the listed price  (does not apply for other options)
Contact ※Japanese only


Campaign details


You will receive a coupon that is worth 20,000yen or 40,000yen, which you can use for the “Rentrabin” service. (6 months contract or more is required.)


・If your rental fee is 32,999yen (incl. tax, per month) or less, you will receive a coupon worth of 20,000yen. 


・If your rental fee is 33,000yen (incl. tax, per month) or more, you will receive a coupon worth of 40,000yen.


How to use / Important notice


・Please reserve via website, listed above. 
・For further information, please check the regulations on the website. 
・Please note that you may not board the vehicle.
・Warehouse TERRADA is not responsible for the service within “Rentrabin”.
・Please check our FAQ for important notices.
・Our service is subject to change without notice.