Customers Guide



  1. Visit your choice of the location’s webpage and click "Reserve" displayed with the room detail.
  2. Register your customer information (If you sign up as a corporate customer, your corporate information should be registered).

Please read before you sign up.

【Individual customers】

  • Please be aware that your key and entry card will be sent to your address appeared on identification you provide.
  • The address information you register should be the same as the address that appears on identification you provide, selected from one of the personal identification documents listed below.

【Corporate customers】

After applying, please submit a Certificate of Seal Registration using the method specified by us.
After we have confirmed the Certificate of Seal Registration you have submitted, your key and entry card will be mailed to your registered address by simplified registered mail.

【Individual and corporate customers】

*An email will be sent to the email address you have registered, with information on your registration page.
This mail may not reach you if it is rejected by your mobile carrier (docomo, au, Softbank, etc.) because of mail security settings, or if you have configured your spam filtering settings to accept only mail from specific domains.

Please be sure to configure your mail to accept the following domain:

You can also visit our stores in person.

  1. Click on the "Tour Reservation" link on the page for the room you wish to visit.
  2. Select the date and time you wish to tour (up to three dates and times).
  3. We will contact you as soon as the date and time of your tour is confirmed.

(2)First Payment

After the registration of your information is completed, you will be asked to confirm the room information you choose and make the payment.

Individual and corporate customers

  • Please complete payment for two months (the second and third months following the contract month) by credit card.
  • Payments for monthly usages fee will be made via the credit card you have registered.
  • For corporate contracts only: If you would like to choose account transfer, we kindly ask you to pay by bank transfer for your first two payments (payments for next month of contract and the following month).

*There is no usage fee for the first month of your contract.

*Please keep in mind that we do not cover bank transfer fees.

*For account transfers, we will charge 330 yen/month (in. tax) from the 4th month of contract and on.

(3)Receive Key and Card

For individual contracts, the key and entry card are mailed to you using ID Confirmation Delivery (Special Type).
For corporate contracts, the items are sent via registered mail.

Please read before receiving.

  • Note that key and entry card cannot be received if the name and address shown on the identifying document provided differ from those on the contract.
  • The contract holder must receive ID Confirmation Delivery (Special Type) in person; a proxy may not be used.

About ID Confirmation Delivery (Special Type)

ID Confirmation Delivery (Special Type) provides for delivery only to the designated addressee. Either the post office will contact the addressee prior to the item’s arrival to arrange for delivery on the addressee’s chosen date and time, or the item can be sent to the addressee’s chosen post office for pick up, in which case the addressee must provide identification verifying the individual is the addressee.

For details, please refer to the following link:

(4)Begin Using Your Room

You may use your key and entry card as soon as you receive them.
Feel free to begin using your room at any time, whenever you wish.

For customers using Nerima Yahara or Yokohama Hazawa

*Facilities in Nerima Yahara and Yokohama Hazawa are only available during regular business hours.(AM9:00〜PM6:00)


(1)Cancellation Application

Log in to your "MYPAGE" and click "Cancellation Application."
Enter the required information.
Enter your account information, in case the usage fee may be refunded depending on your cancellation date.


Take out everything and completely empty the room before your cancellation date.

(3)Return of Key and Entry Card

We will send you a return kit for the key and entry card.
Please return them with the kit.

(4)Completion of Cancellation

Usage Fees

*The full one-month usage fee for the month in which you cancel will be charged regardless of the date of cancellation.
*Please be aware that in the event we are unable to confirm return of your key and entry card, you will continue to incur usage fees.

If you can not log in, please contact us.

Change of Registration Information

The following information can be changed in your "MYPAGE."

  • Address
  • Phone number and FAX number
  • E-mail address
  • Login password
  • (For both individual and corporate customers) credit card

Change of address, phone and FAX number

  1. Log in to your "MYPAGE."
  2. Click "Notification" and "Change of Registration Information" and update your information.

Change of E-mail address

  1. Log in to your "MYPAGE."
  2. Click "Change of Email address" and update your information.

Change of password

  1. Log in to your "MYPAGE."
  2. Click "Change of password" and update your information.

Change of payment method

(Change of credit card information)

  1. Log in to your "MYPAGE."
  2. Click "Change of credit card" and update your information.

Loss and Reissue

In case your key or entry card is lost, the reissue procedure is required.

Reissue fee (in. tax)

  1. Key 5,500 yen
  2. Entry card 2,200 yen
  1. Log in to your "MYPAGE." click "Notification" and "Other Inquiries" , submit a form for the lost items.
  2. After your form is confirmed, the key or entry card will be reissued and sent to the address you registered when you signed up.
    Please understand that the reissue fee will be charged.

List of Documents Verifying Identification

must include address, name, and date of birth