A secure and reliable indoor storage solution fully equipped with air-conditioning and security.
Various room sizes available – consider it your space to use as a walk-in closet, for office supply storage, and more.
All details, including contract procedures and various other features for existing account holders, are spelled out on the service homepage.


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      Our facility with a garage for motorcycles.



There are two types of spaces: the shared garage and the private garage.
Both are accessible 24/7 and provide a secure and reliable environment, much like the TERRADA TRUNKROOM service.
A dedicated website provides details on contract procedures and other features for existing account holders.


    • No vacancy

Three Strengths

  • 1Functionality

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    Reliable storage environment

    Fully air-conditioned to maintain ideal temperature and humidity. Regular facility patrols and cleaning by staff. Finely tuned management system ensures storage spaces are always comfortable.

  • 2Safety

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    Full security

    A completely private space, protected by automated security, an access control system and security gates. Patrols and inspections conducted as needed for a safe environment that provides peace of mind. Note: To maintain customer safety, management may enter rental rooms.

  • 3Convenience

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    WEB completion type

    A completely web-based system, from sign-up to initial payment. No security deposit, key money, or administrative fees, and your first month is free. Sign up easily whenever you wish.